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Honestly, one more heartbreak, and its not going to be good. God, I hope you have a plan because this is getting annoying. It is me? It has to be. I know I don't do anything. Could it have been saved if I saw her Sunday and not seen Thor? Wow. For the first time in my life, I really have no one left. At least when kristen broke up with me last year, Greg was around. Now, I spend most of the days in my apartment. One roomate is gone to class and is locked in her room all day, and the other is "living" with her boyfriend. I havent respoded to the txt yet, I dont know if i should, and if I do, what do I say that hasen't already been said. I lose everyone important to me. Cere. Jeanette. Laura. Kristen. Alyssa. It takes a toll on a man. It does. Im suprisinignly calm right now, with a hint of anger. Just, why? I will sacrafice. What am i doing wrong? I just feel sick. And I dont really care about anything. Just. I want her back. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?