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Writer's Block: Gadget Conundrum

You're going on your dream vacation and you can only take one gadget with you. Camera, music player, cell phone, laptop or something else – what do you bring and why? Which other ones would you miss most?

Well, lets nerd this up and break it down play by plmy.
Dream Vacation: Backpacking across Europe with my final stop being in Ireland.
1st, I don't have a camera, so I cant bring one. But if i did, I would not bring it, I barely look at the pictures from my last vacation.
2. Cell phone. Phones dont work overseas, and my cell phone is my least important gadget. I mainly use it to text kristen.
So it is between Laptop and music player.
On one hand, my iPod Touch is kinda like a laptop filled with hours and hours of both sit down and non sit down entertainment, with not as much games or movies. On the other hand the laptop is filled with hours and hours of sit down entertainment. Seeing as how I could live without my laptop as long as i had my iPod Touch, I'd take my iPod. 64 Gigs filled with movies and music. Everything i need, right in my pocket.